Warm welcome to the IST Student Lab on Digitalization and Technology Innovations! The lab intends to showcase the research efforts by students and professionals to bring to light research ideas and developments in the digitalization. As we cope with the current pandemic situation, we hope the exhibit will spark conversations and contribute towards scientific discovery and advancement.


May 4, 2022, 1:30 PM, Online via Zoom

A student research colloquium that explores how businesses could continue to keep moving forward even with the difficulties of the pandemic through digitization. It also aims to provide a glimpse on the future of businesses in regards with continuous innovation in technology.

Presented by IST Student Lab

University of Asia and the Pacific

May, 2021

In Proceedings of Make SEns 2018 Research Colloquium

Li Seng Giap Auditorium, 2nd Floor, ACB Building

University of Asia and the Pacific

April, 2018

January 20, 2021, 1:30 PM, Online via Zoom

A student research colloquium showcasing the capstone research works towards automation and transition of business processes to a digital platform. Such works are crucial in the face of our current pandemic situation with COVID 19.

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Innovatus is the official research journal of the University of Asia and the Pacific, Department of Information Science and Technology. ‘Innovatus’ is the past participle of the Latin word ‘innovare’ or innovate. The research journal is a compilation of double-blind peer-reviewed research articles from the Yearly International Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology Trends in Asia and the Pacific and best research papers of UA&P Information Technology students. The journal accepts original scholarly works in the areas of Information Technology, Computer Science, Information System, Computer Engineering, and allied disciplines.

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International Research Conference on Emerging I.T Trends in Asia and the Pacific

Time and again, the academic community has critiqued and analyzed the process of developing and implementing a customized detail oriented system for business entities. Successfully, with the empowering guidance of the information technology industry, information technology educators has shortened the gap between the academe and industry despite being in the confines of a class session. Capstone Projects is an attestation and visual proof that the bridge between academe and industry has been reduced.

However, as both education and industry synergizes, information technology rapidly changes and grows because of the need to INNOVATE. Technology Integration has become a fundamental process of innovation coupled with precision and efficiency. It has become therefore a need to collaborate ideas in order to overcome the roadblock brought about by technological advancement.

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