Digital Start-Up: Shifting to the Digitization of the Modern Business Processes

January 20, 2021, 1:30 PM, Online via Zoom

A student research colloquium showcasing the capstone research works towards automation and transition of business processes to a digital platform. Such works are crucial in the face of our current pandemic situation with COVID 19.

Program Flow

1:00 PM - Registration

1:30 PM - Introduction

1:35 PM - Opening Remarks

1:40 PM - BSIT Presentations

2:40 PM - Q&A

3:00 PM - MIT Presentation

3:30 PM - Q&A

3:50 PM - Closing Remarks

Client Oriented Approach to the Development of an Order Management System Through Agile Methodology for Company XYZ

Development of a Pharmaceutical Inventory System using an Agile Methodology

Implementing Public Cloud Infrastructure Thru Google Workspace for Education as part of Digitization Transformation Roadmap of Virginia Ramirez Cruz National High School